Irrigated Acre Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the LPNNRD certifying irrigated acres?

The LPNNRD is certifying irrigated acres (defined as irrigated two out of the last ten years) to create a baseline of irrigation in our district. What this means is, if the basin is declared fully appropriated by the state, the expansion of irrigated acres would cease. In order to protect existing irrigation rights, the LPNNRD needs to know what land is being irrigated before the basin is declared fully appropriated. It is in the best interest of each landowner to ensure that all of their irrigated land is certified.

Why does the LPNNRD need landowner Information?

In order to successfully certify acres as irrigated, the LPNNRD needs the owner of the land to sign the paperwork enclosed. If the LPNNRD needs to contact the landowner about something on the form the provided information will allow the LPNNRD to communicate with the landowner in a more efficient manner.

Why does the LPNNRD need tenant Information?

Oftentimes, the tenant on a property is able to answer any questions the LPNNRD may have about the property more efficiently than the landowner, this is especially true when the landowner may not live in the area.

Why does the LPNNRD need my Legal Representative/Power of Attorney paperwork?

In order to certify acres the owner or legal representative of the owner has to sign the included paperwork. The LPNNRD would need proof the representative has the legal authority to sign for the owner. Having the paperwork on file will also negate the need to have paperwork faxed if a question arises and the legal representative calls the LPNNRD on behalf of the landowner.

Why is the LPNNRD gathering information about wells?

The LPNNRD is gathering information about irrigation wells in an effort to accurately portray the location and to clarify ownership information of all irrigation wells. The LPNNRD is also seeking to clarify which fields are irrigated by which wells to more accurately process groundwater models. Questions about well registrations may be directed to NDNR at (402) 471-2363.

Not every well on this sheet belongs to me, why are they listed?

The LPNNRD has listed all wells in the section of land that belongs to you. This is because ownership records may be outdated. If a well is not yours please cross it off the sheet. If a well is yours and the ownership information is wrong, please correct it on the sheet. This will help protect your rights to that well.

Why does the LPNNRD need to know about surface water?

If you irrigate from a surface water appropriation the LPNNRD needs to know so we can certify those acres as Irrigated.

Why is the LPNNRD asking what type of Irrigation I have?

The LPNNRD is gathering information on Irrigation practices and amounts of water applied to crops in an effort to provide better data for water use models. The information may also be used in the future if the LPNNRD were to ever adopt a cost share program for more efficient modes of Irrigation

Why is the LPNNRD concerned about land in a Federal Conservation Program?

Land in an FCP may still be classified as irrigated, if that land was irrigated prior to going into conservation. This is especially important information if the landowner plans to irigate that land when it comes out of FCP.

Why is the LPNNRD using assessor information?

The LPNNRD does not have access to FSA records at this time. We are using assessor records for irrigated land as that is the most accurate information available to the LPNNRD. We hope to reconcile Assessor and FSA records through this endeavor.

The Assessor records are wrong, what do I do?

If you do not agree with the assessor’s totals for your irrigated acres you will need to bring proof to the LPNNRD building in Wahoo, NE or your local NRCS office. Before coming in we ask that you schedule a time to ensure that someone will be in the office to assist you.

Do I have to certify my acres?

Yes, Acre Certification is required. Failure to comply may result in the LPNNRD Board of Directors issuing a stay against irrigating any acres which are not certified.

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